Copper hair dreadlock cuff with light blue turquoise beads


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Here is a lovely, shining, blue hair decoration for those with longer hair.  Originally intended as an accessory for dreadlocks, it would be equally pretty threaded on to a skinny braid or plait.

I made this cuff by winding 1mm copper wire into a tube and coiling it into a disk at one end.  On the other end I added a dropper that I decorated with light blue / turquoise glass beads ranging in size from 3mm to 12mm.  The dropper will swing from side to side and catch the light as you move.  The cuff measures just over 6.5 cm / 2.6″ from end to end.  The internal diameter of the tube is 6mm

The cuff will be shipped in a pretty organza bag.

Ref: Hair13

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